Cavity Membrane and Drain

Le Poussin Cavity Drain Polyprufe Waterproofing

Cavity Drain System

New Forest, Dorset

Maclennan were approached by Carillion to provide a suitable waterproofing solution for their project just outside Lyndhurst in the New Forest. The waterproofing was required to multiple buildings across the project MacLennan secured the works through competitive tender.

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Cavity Drain System,  Wiltshire

Cavity Drain Basement Waterproofing


The basement in this Large Wiltshire House flooded most years. Petra Developments needed to dig the basement out by a further 800mm to increase the head room for accommodation, MacLennan were brought in to waterproof the existing basement project.

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Cavity Drain System, Wiltshire

Cavity Drain System

Ferne Park, Wiltshire

Ferne Park , Wiltshire Client Viscount Rothermere. A large English country house built in 2001 in the Palladian style. In 2010 new wings were built onto the property.

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Cavity Drain System, Hampstead

Cavity Drain System

Hampstead, London

MacLennan were contacted by Adams Architecture who we regularly work with on Projects to provide a waterproofing design, for this large detached property in Hampstead. The design was for a Cavity Drain System to the main basement and MacLennan’s own Polyprufe Deck waterproofing system to the 500sqm Terrace area.

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Cavity Drain & Polyurea, Bank Side, London

Cavity Drain & Polyurea

Bank Side London

MacLennan were asked to consult on the design of the waterproofing of this very large commercial building. MacLennan were engaged to draw up all of the waterproofing details. There were a great many issues with water penetration into the excavation which MacLennan had to overcome.

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Radon Gas Membrane Waterproofing, Cornwall

Radon Gas Cavity Drain System


The system used was the MacLennan internal cavity drain and Radon gas waterproofing membrane system, designed by us to be used as a combined water and gas proofing system. This Property was a new build in Cornwall. As a basement was being included in the property the main contractor requested that MacLennan provide a waterproofing design, supply and fit. Cornwall has a high instance of Radon gas which can be lethal, so MacLennan also ensured that all membrane and channelling was sealed as per radon requirements.

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Cavity Drain System,  Basement Conversion Poole

Cavity Drain System

Basement Conversion Poole

A large basement under a luxury property in Poole Dorset. There was a stream running through the site to the sea. The waterproofing system was designed and installed by MacLennan

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