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New Build Basement The Museum Of Jurassic Life

Waterproofing -
Radon Gas Cavity Drain System

The Museum Of Jurassic Marine Life.

MacLennan worked with KENNEDY O’CALLAGHAN ARCHITECTS and AKS Ward to develop a suitable waterproofing system which incorporated Radon protection via the PAC System.
The Museum Of Jurassic Marine Life is a brand new immersive museum which has been designed to house The Etches Collection.

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Basement Waterproofing – Wentworth, Surrey

Basement Waterproofing

Wentworth, Surrey

This large new-build property in Surrey had a very large basement area which needed to be waterproofed to meet BS8102 requirements, the British Standard for the Protection of Structures Against Water From the Ground.

Because it is not possible to determine the amount of potential water pressure surrounding a structure, BS8102 tells the designer to expect a head of water against the structure. In addition, BS8102 requires that all waterproofing is maintainable and repairable.

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New Build Basement Waterproofing Bishopswood

Basement Waterproofing


MacLennan was employed by Cardy construction to provide a suitable waterproofing solution for two refurbishments with new build basements and 1 new build property, MacLennan arranged a site visit and surveyed the area to provide an accurate specification for the new build cavity drain basement waterproofing system.

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Cavity Drain - Polyurea spray applied waterproofing system,  London / Bank Side

Cavity Drain & Polyurea

London / Bank Side

MacLennan were asked to consult on the design of the waterproofing of this very large commercial building. MacLennan were engaged to draw up all of the waterproofing details. There were a great many issues with water penetration into the excavation which MacLennan had to overcome.

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New Build Basement Waterproofing Pinehurst Surrey

New Build Basement

Pinehurst Surrey

The basement will house the gym, swimming pool, garaging , plant rooms etc. The waterproofing was the most critical item in the design and installation. MacLennan supplied design expertise and detailed all aspects of the waterproofing with the Architect, engineer and contractor.

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New Build Basement Waterproofing Chesham Surrey

New Build Basement

Chesham Surrey

Large 27,000 sq ft Country house development Surrey.
MacLennan were asked to provide design and installation of waterproofing systems for this very large new build development in Surrey.

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Lift Pit Hampshire New Build Basement

Lift Pit New Build Basement


MacLennan were contacted by CMS, as we were already dealing with other aspects of the project. CMS had begun to excavate the Lift Pit and it began to fill with water.

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New Build Basement Surrey

New Build Basement


The owners of this stylish property near Guildford in Surrey were looking to expand the living area without having to move from the area. Due to planning constraints they were not able to extend their house out and so decided to create an entirely new living space in the form of a basement

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