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MacLennan Waterproofing

MacLennan celebrates 20 years!

“It seems like a lifetime ago, when my wife and I started our local damp- proofing and timber treatment company in our kitchen in Amesbury in the late 80s,” reflects Ian MacLennan, the founder and managing director of MacLennan. They started as a building company, but quickly became specialists in damp and timber treatment and then merged with another company within the industry. In April 2000 they founded a specialist waterproofing company and a building lime supply company.  By about 2008 they could justify the status of market-leading designers and installers of waterproofing systems in London and the South.”  
Portrait of Ian MacLennan Managing director at MacLennan
Ian MacLennan Managing director at MacLennan

From Kitchen table to market leaders

  Their project portfolio speaks for itself: they have worked on the Houses of Parliament, Wembley Stadium, The Shard, 2012 London Olympics, Kia Oval, Damien Hurst’s studio, Chelsea Barracks and many, many more. Most of the high-end private clients cannot be named for non-disclosure reasons. But one thing is clear – with a strong vision and a great team MacLennan have made a name for themselves in a very specialist market. MacLennan can waterproof and damp proof almost anything and as an independent company, they can choose which products they will install to give best value and outcome for their clients. The company also does specialist structural repairs. There is no shortage of old, historical buildings in England that need sympathetic repairs using MacLennan’s expertise and experience with traditional building materials and methods married with the latest technology. MacLennan have built their business on the promise to protect the client and that is why they have become trusted throughout the industry to deliver on that promise.

Family business that has outgrown the family

  With headquarters on an idyllic farm with peacocks and alpacas, tucked away between Andover and Salisbury MacLennan’s work is done far and wide – across the whole of South England and central London. The son of a scientist Ian has the whole family – including his two sons working for the firm. They have outgrown the typical meaning of the family business though.  The company with 50 employees is always looking for new ways to evolve.  

Dealing with the pandemic swiftly but calmly

  How are they dealing with the present crisis? The design and quotation team is still hard at work from their virtual office and are providing quick turnaround to all other businesses that are getting in touch. In fact, MacLennan was quick to set up a virtual office at the very beginning of the crisis which means the team is smaller, but healthy and working. In case other businesses in construction industry are on hold, they can still benefit from MacLennan’s educational CPD seminars which they can access from the comfort of their home. Online seminars are popular with leading Architects and consulting Engineers across the country.   The current situation does dampen (excuse the pun) the celebratory mood a little, but they cannot wait to get back into the full swing of working this very significant year of 2020. Celebrating 20 years in business. There is lots of floodproofing, waterproofing and damp-proofing to do!   But for the minute – how will you celebrate?

“I am going to raise a glass in the company pub to the staff and clients who got us to this 20 year anniversary and will see us through this present crisis” always positive is Ian MacLennan.


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