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COVID-19. Still open for business as usual but doing our bit to keep everyone Safe


COVID-19 Statement November 2020

As the country has now entered a new period of lockdown we want to assure our clients and staff that our business is prepared and will continue uninterrupted to offer our full site service. We have implemented and abide by Covid-secure operational routines throughout our company to ensure our workforce, customers and clients remain as safe as possible, we do not foresee business interruption.  

Design and technical support Meetings

Our technical and design staff are all working remotely and will continue to so for as long as is necessary. We are able to do this efficiently with no interruption to service.  Where possible we will conduct meetings remotely through Zoom or Teams. Where site visits are necessary these will be arranged, but strictly in line with our Covid Risk assessment and government advice current at the time of visit.  

On-Site Quality Assurance

Our site management and staff can carry out site assessment and quality control through the use of photos and videos but can and will carry out site inspections and reporting in the normal manner where necessary, but in line with our Covid risk assessment. We ask that our clients also abide by our risk assessment during site visits as we will respect and abide by all of their requirements if they differ. All our site staff carry out daily reporting from all sites with photos and video and this can be shared with stakeholders where required.

Administration and Office Support

Most of our administration and customer support functions operate remotely with no break or compromise in customer service. Our office premises have already successfully completed Covid-Secure risk assessment and colleagues will return to office working when it is completely safe to do so. Our telephone and client support system is completely web-based so during this period of remote working our customers will continue to receive excellent service and support.  

Finance Department Operations

Our in house fully employed accounts department has always worked remotely from the head office so there will be no change to our accounting or credit control systems or procedures. A note of caution with regard to internet fraud. We have not changed our banking arrangements in 20 years and have no intention of doing so. Any correspondence indicating that we have changed address or accounts for payment purposes is a case of fraud and should be reported to us immediately.  

Supply chain

We are not expecting any delivery delays or shortages as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic or even from an unfavourable Brexit. Our supply chain is robust and well-stocked and will remain operational. In accordance with our Covid-19 management strategy, we are keeping larger stocks of some products, but only as a precaution.
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Our MD Ian MacLennan is on the committee re-writing BS8102 Code of practice

MacLennan’s managing director has been invited to help re-write the BS8102 Code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground.

Why does this committee need consultant/contractors?

It is our site experience of hundreds of basement waterproofing installations per year and hundreds of investigations of sites, failures, issues that feed the industry with ideas for new products and new processes.

As a company that helps investigate it’s own and others mistakes in a specialist industry, to help come up with robust and sometimes unique ways to solve complex problems we are constantly learning, sharing and discussing these in-depth challenges & solutions to interesting problems. It’s what built our high-class team of specialists that can guide, advise and inform clients with a depth of knowledge that you cannot learn without our experience.

We provide hundreds of basement waterproofing solutions every year and the majority go without a hiccup but we’d be naive and in denial, if we weren’t aware that we work in the construction industry that is constantly evolving and has unique challenges each and every day. But this is also what allows us to be innovative and helpful in efficiently overcoming these stumbling blocks without holding up our client’s programs or compromising the watertight outcome. Access to our specialist skills is key when you are against the clock to deliver a project on time but also need to get the right detailing so you have no area of weakness in your complete waterproofing solution.

All this experience goes into every job we design each and every day, and this is what our  MD’s personal current contribution to the current & new BS:8102 advisory committee brings. As you cannot underestimate the value of a genuine specialist with the in-depth knowledge and experience to solve any problem that may come up, as well as having the capability to design & install you a waterproofing solution that is fully fit for purpose. Simplicity is often the key feature of someone at the top of their game as they see clearly what’s needed and quickly eliminate features that have limited value and come with higher risk.

That’s why a company that stands by its solution with a genuine guarantee for workmanship and the design is priceless in a high-risk industry as they are there to help remove your exposure to failure as they will always be there to help at every stage of the process, even after it’s completion. As it pays to never be complacent, always think through a design thoroughly, consider the clients budget to deliver value but without compromise, it’s buildability, to have the capability to communicate everything clearly and informatively. As to be a specialist consultant whether as an individual or a company comes with a responsibility that goes beyond a basic qualification but also covers the experience of the whole team that goes into delivering a full sub-contract package of works.


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