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bs8102:2022 Cover MacLennan

BS8102:2022 Technical Overview FREE download

bs8102:2022 Cover MacLennan

What is the BS8102 technical overview?

BS8102 is the ‘Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water Ingress’. You must make sure you comply with the new British Standard for basement waterproofing BS8102:2022.

It’s been completely revised.

It is far more comprehensive.

bs8102:2022 Cover MacLennan

The Standard gives recommendations and guidance on best practice. It is not a statutory requirement that the code is followed, however it is normally referred to in specifications, contracts and as a reference document in legal disputes.

Ian MacLennan was one of the small team of experts from all aspects of the basement waterproofing and construction industry who reviewed and revised the 2009 BS8102.


The committee consisted of representatives from the major waterproofing industry manufacturers, installers, consultants, insurers, engineers, and the concrete society.

Standards are revised or renewed when a case is made by stakeholders which is accepted by BSI. The case made for this revision centred around table 2 and the confusion with grades of waterproofing which came with examples which were then used as design criteria.

BS8102:2022 paragraph 6 sample

Not complying can lead to liability and financial or reputational loss. Do you want to know what has changed and how to comply? Hear it directly from one of the authors of the revision our MD Ian MacLennan.

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if you are involved with projects that require waterproofing, you need to have a copy of the BS8102:2022. You can purchase it here.

If you want to discuss this document in more detail or simply prefer an interactive approach, book a FREE CPD on BS8102:2022 here.

maclennan employees applying waterproofing spray

Asbestos encapsulation and waterproofing

MacLennan have been engaged to waterproof a WW2 bunker in the beautiful Dorset. The issue was that the existing waterproofing contained Asbestos which would be very difficult to remove.
Maclennan specified a sprayed foam encapsulation, rendering the Asbestos completely safe. The spray foam was then finished with spray-applied Polyurea.

The result is a completely safe and waterproof structure ready to be reburied and converted into holiday lets with stunning views out to sea.
All work guaranteed and designed on MacLennan's 10 million PI for waterproofing.

2022-04-22 Pitt Bunker JH (3)
Maclennan Waterproofing WW2 Bunker
maclennan employees applying waterproofing spray
2022-04-28 Pitt Bunker 2
bs8102:2022 Cover MacLennan

10 recent changes to BS8102 2022 you NEED to know about

Waterproofing standard BS8102 has been revised and the new standard from 2022 has been published this month.

Our MD Ian MacLennan says “We had to change the standards because of the confusion around the grades of waterproofing. We ended up doing a complete revision and added a lot of new best practice guidance. Because the changes are critical and extensive we will provide ongoing support and advice to clients to keep them compliant. Including CPD and training."

bs8102 waterproofing manual

As these are our notes, we encourage you to read the standard for yourself and compare, but overall we feel that what we have written will benefit anyone involved in basement waterproofing design.

Just some of the changes to be aware of are: 

1. It is now written into the British standard that you need to appoint a waterproofing specialist that is adequately qualified and experienced for that type and size of project and by the technical design stage latest if RIBA stages are being used.

We would add that they must have PI for waterproofing design, and accept design liability.”

2. Defects owing to design are now mentioned in the British standard.

You need the qualified, experienced designer from beginning to end to prevent defects .“

3. Twin walls and ICF are now classified as inherently high risk according to the British standard.

4.  (If remedial work isn’t possible, the design should be altered.)

“You have to consider the form and feasibility of repair with the design specialist.

5. The standard says the specialist must have the adequate relevant insurance.

This is incredibly important, waterproofing specialists taking the liability is critical, no split liability can only protect  the client and design team.”

6. Movement joints should not be used below ground unless unavoidable.

“If they absolutely have to be used we can design them but there is lots of advice in the standard. “

7. There is a completely new section on historic buildings.

"We are running a CPD on historic building basement design and compliance with BS8102 2022."

8. A lot of new critical and useful information on Cavity Drain systems.

9. Inverted cavity drain systems. A high-risk scenario in which a specialist is required, IS now written into the standards.

10. A huge section detailing what happens if something goes wrong and remedial works are required. Important information for those considering a less effective waterproofing solution to save costs.

If you want to find out more from an author of the new standard contact us.

We are also offering a free CPD seminar that goes through the new BS8102 : 2002 step by step, book it here.

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