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CPD on 8th of June 2022 BS8102:2022

Ian MacLennan (one of the small team of experts rewriting the British Standard) will be presenting CPD on BS8102:2022 - The revised Code of practice explaining all of the most important changes.
It's critical to comply!

CPD on Wednesday 8th of June 2022 1pm-2pm

bs8102:2022 Cover MacLennan

Not complying can lead to liability and financial or reputational loss. Do you want to know what has changed and how to comply? Hear it directly from one of the authors of the revision our MD Ian MacLennan.

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BS8102 : 2022 CPD

MacLennan gifts baby alpacas to charity

Alpaca for charity

The love for animals and charity work is something many staff here at MacLennan are so passionate about. We are thrilled to be given an opportunity to gift three of our newborn alpacas to a charity near Salisbury, Wiltshire.

One of MacLennan offices is located on a farm with many animals. Amongst them and the cutest of all – a flock of alpacas. When three new alpacas were born, they spent the first six months with their mothers here at the farm. Now they have been gifted to a charity Barefoot Barns in Firsdown near Salisbury in Wiltshire to be trained on becoming therapy animals. When specially trained - alpacas are fantastic therapy animals for children and adults with disabilities, adults with dementia, mental health difficulties, and adults and children in hospices. Barefoot Barns was created to provide these services.

We are delighted to report that our little girl Primrose and boys Pluto and Felix have safely arrived at their new home. We are so incredibly proud of the important work they will be doing and we will keep you updated with how they are getting on via our Alpaca Diary.

Photos by MacLennan and Aleyshia Millar

Alpaca flock MacLennan

Why servicing is critical in waterproofing?

Inspection ports for servicing repairing




Servicing pumps and channel is a huge benefit over every other waterproofing system. Where other systems just fail and flood, the serviced system pre-empts any issues so that they can be resolved before causing problems. With all other systems, the connection with the designer and installer of the waterproofing system is lost straight after the contract. With a serviced system you have experts on tap and your waterproofing is reviewed every year.

For the first few years, servicing the channel is critical. Pumps will alarm before flooding occurs. Channels will not. The channels are the arteries of the system. They must be clear and clean, so they need an inspection. Servicing Repairability and serviceability are the main theme of the revised BS8102:2022 Standard.

servicing inspection ports
Cavity Membrane

Type C cavity drain waterproofing systems are the only systems that can be easily repaired and serviced, but only if they are correctly designed and regularly serviced. The updates in Paragraph 10 of the BS8102 focus on serviceability. They emphasize that the waterproofing designer responsible for the design must ensure that it complies with all requirements for drainage serviceability and maintenance. There are more specific details on pumping systems and their discharge options, as well as the importance of system maintenance, repair, commissioning, and future servicing. This is “To maximize the long-term integrity and effectiveness of a waterproofing system.”

Also “Access points that allow routine maintenance of channels and outlets should be incorporated into the design of the waterproofing system. These should be located such that they are accessible for maintenance.” We would like to add that access points should accommodate the use of cameras for service checks. Many do not. The maintenance schedule requirement should be seen as a benefit. It is the only system that is accessible for inspection every year and in the event of an issue with a well-designed and maintained system. Any potential issues will be seen or signaled with an alarm before damage occurs. Issues are normally easily resolved.

JPortrait of Joe Fulton CSSW. MacLennan Waterproofing

Congratulations to Joe Fulton on passing your CSSW!

JPortrait of Joe Fulton CSSW. MacLennan Waterproofing

This is what Joe has to say: “I am really pleased I passed the exams. Lots of reading paid off! I have done most things waterproofing related since the start of my career and I really enjoy what I do.” 

Huge congratulations to our technician Joe Fulton on passing CSSW examinations!

Joe has many years’ experience in the industry working on site. He started labouring at 16 years old for a damp proofing company. A few years later he moved on to another company in London installing waterproofing systems. Three and a half years ago he started working with us at MacLennan installing and supervising the installation of waterproofing systems. Joe has had to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the theoretical side including BS8102, all codes of practice and health and safety to pass the exams. The exams are important. Insurance companies insist on CSSW surveyors. We also attach a huge amount of value to Joe’s experience working on and supervising of our huge technically challenging basement installations.


BS8102:2022 is now very strong with the need for qualified surveyors and qualified and insured site staff carrying out the work. Joe is now on the path to being a surveyor or contracts manager. Well done Joe for the effort and time you put in to passing your exams on becoming a Certified Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing! 



A design meeting at MacLennan Headquarters

Why experience matters

A design meeting at MacLennan Headquarters

Can your waterproofing expert understand the project constraints, construction, and all-important sequencing?  Or at least do they have extensive site experience?

It is not a statutory requirement that the standard is followed, or a waterproofing specialist is on the design team however, if there is a legal dispute and it is found that there wasn’t a waterproofing expert on the design team as per the standards BS812:2022 recommendation - the Design team could be found culpable. The expert needs to be suitably experienced.

But WHY??

bs8102:2022 Cover MacLennan

It is not just the recommendation from the Code of Practice. We speak on experience, from our own experience.

"Experience is everything. You can teach someone the theory in a classroom environment, but that all goes out the window when you get onto a live building site.You have to interact with other trades, Architects and Engineers, to understand their requirements.You have to understand how a building is put together, not just the bit you understand (waterproofing), as otherwise solutions are often not practical to construct.Having experience also educates you on what actually works in real life rather than just working on a drawing.Experience can also be relevant to a type or size of project. Just because you have worked on a small project doesn’t automatically mean you can successfully deliver the same on a large project". CSSW WDS ACABE Ian Scoggins MacLennan’s senior surveyor


As with the 2009 version of the standard the 2022 revision does recommend the inclusion of a Waterproofing Specialist in the design team. The change is the requirement that a waterproofing specialist is appointed. They also need to be capable of devising solutions that accommodate the various project constraints and needs with an understanding of construction forms and sequencing.

“That the waterproofing specialist is Suitably qualified as well as experienced with the type and size of project. “ “That the waterproofing specialist is appointed before technical design stage at the latest.” “Be suitably qualified and experienced, commensurate with the type and size of the proposed project.” (BS8102:2022)

Third party warranty holders such as NHBC, Premier and LABC will insist that the Waterproofing specialist is qualified CSSW Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing and WDS Waterproofing Design Specialist. The design specialist must have Professional indemnity insurance and if the designer is not the installer, then the installer must A accept the design in full in writing and B have PI Insurance. We recommend that the PI insurance should be 10 million to cover all eventualities and protect the client.

MacLennan have the above-mentioned insurance and have been guaranteeing work for over 30 years in London and across the UK. We have built up a reputation for supplying an honest and professional service. We have a very strong team of experienced surveyors designing waterproofing for multimillion pound projects ranging from multilevel residential basements in high end properties to extremely complicated commercial projects. You simply can’t beat the experience, because there are potential issues, you can see arising which no book has taught you. You have to have the experience and knowledge to predict what is around the corner – crucial for designing waterproofing. Same goes for the team of technicians. Continuous support and training needs to be provided and your professional standards as a team will only become higher. We are extremely proud of the team we have created.

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