maclennan employees applying waterproofing spray

Asbestos encapsulation and waterproofing

MacLennan have been engaged to waterproof a WW2 bunker in the beautiful Dorset. The issue was that the existing waterproofing contained Asbestos which would be very difficult to remove.
Maclennan specified a sprayed foam encapsulation, rendering the Asbestos completely safe. The spray foam was then finished with spray-applied Polyurea.

The result is a completely safe and waterproof structure ready to be reburied and converted into holiday lets with stunning views out to sea.
All work guaranteed and designed on MacLennan's 10 million PI for waterproofing.

2022-04-22 Pitt Bunker JH (3)
Maclennan Waterproofing WW2 Bunker
maclennan employees applying waterproofing spray
2022-04-28 Pitt Bunker 2

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