Green Roofs

With the growing popularity of verdant roof gardens, it has become more and more important to use qualified, specialists in green roof technology.

MacLennan are one of the countries foremost specialists for Green Roof Technology.

Our Polyprufe (Polyurea) waterproof coating system forms an elastomeric membrane and can be applied to structures such as green roofs and plaza decks.

MacLennan's applied Polyprufe waterproof coating system is a contemporary waterproofing material, providing a solution that balances economic high performance with flexibility. Its seamless monolithic waterproofing easily accommodates complex roof design, detailing and protrusions with fast installation and use.

It's easy to apply and offers quick return to service without compromise on quality. Key points:

  • Seamless monolithic membrane
  • Fast installation
  • Accommodates complex roof designs
  • In city centres it can help improve environmental aesthetics and urban air quality
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    Polyprufe Waterproof Coating.
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    Green Roof System
    – Green Roof Diagram
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    Green Roof
    – Completed Green Roof System
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Green Roof Membrane

The green roof membrane is lightweight and requires no reinforcing sheets or flashing. The membrane can be easily applied to any shape of roof or balcony, and vertical and horizontal surfaces including drains and up-stands.

MacLennan's applied Polyprufe waterproof coating system is a long-lasting and reliable seal that is resilient, protecting against water leakage, garden chemicals and oil spillages, mineral residue leaching, and resisting root penetration. Even at low temperatures (0°C/32°F and rising), it can be ready for use within hours of application and tough enough to withstand full construction traffic without any need for protection boards.

The MacLennan applied Polyprufe waterproof coating system is impermeable to water with long-lasting protection.

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Green Roof Membrane Key Benefits

  • Seamless membrane safeguards against water leakage
  • Durable wear coat protects against damage
  • Provides up to 2.5mm/100mils crack bridging ability onto a variety of prepared substrates
  • Localised repairs can be made without removing the whole membrane

Polyprufe waterproof coating system can be applied in temperatures of 5°C/41°F and above. Its wear coat prevents physical damage during installation of the roof-garden and reduces the need for subsequent protective layers. Unlike sheet membrane, this seamless, single fully-bonded elastomeric membrane is supplied in liquid form, hence cannot be punctured during storage prior to use. The membrane, applied by spray or hand, creates no noxious odours to disturb current building tenants and does not require the use of naked flames or hot kettles, naked flames or solvents.

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Deck Waterproofing 1
Deck Waterproofing 2

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