Leaks & Floods

MacLennan investigate and cure leaks in a range of structures from large commercial basements to car parks, concrete decks and small domestic basements.

Our qualified and experienced surveyors will attend the site and investigate the cause of the leak or flooding.

We'll often specify a resin injection system to cure the area of leaks.

For habitable or storage areas, they may require further enhancement so we'd recommend a full waterproofing system as required.

Whatever the problem, MacLennan has a material and a technique to complete a remedy. MacLennan surveyors investigate, report and recommend the correct course of action and supply fully itemised costs for all aspects of the work, including any necessary main contractor or builders work.

Our experienced team of waterproofing technicians then carry out the work to the highest standard and leave you in the safe knowledge that the leak has been repaired and your basement is now watertight.

What type of leak or flood service do you need?

Resin Injection

Resin Injection
MacLennan investigate and cure leaks using resin injection and cement-based polymer modified grouts to waterproof construction joints, cracks and honeycombed concrete.

Flood Remediation

Flood Remediation
MacLennan are specialists in above and below ground flood prevention. Our surveyors can assess any potential problems quickly and expertly, recommending only the required measures to ensure your property is protected from flooding.

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MacLennan have been designing, installing and guaranteeing waterproofing systems for over 30 years.


Resin Joint Injection

The resin injection of construction joins has to be carefully considered as the join needs to be able to open and close. If the choice of material is incorrect, or the join is incorrectly or over filled, problems can be caused.

MacLennan resin injection engineers have over 30 years' of experience with resin injection on some of the most technically challenging projects ever undertaken.

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Why should I work with MacLennan?


We Design, supply and install. There's no split responsibility with MacLennan.


MacLennan live and breathe waterproofing, have a look at one of our free CPD seminars and find out!


MacLennan has the most comprehensive guarantees and insurances in the industry.

What causes leaks and floods?

Poor Detailing

Waterproof detailing around things like pipe penetrations and service entries can lead to costly but necessary fixes later on.


Old window wells and doors can be a common leak point for basements as they begin to corrode and break down that allow water to gain access.

System Breakdown

Some waterproofing systems (not used by MacLennan) have been known to breakdown and fail over time. Some systems are just badly installed.

Poor Maintenance

Blocked external drainage or poorly maintained sump/pump systems can lead to a flooded basement.

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