Flood Control

MacLennan are specialists in above and below ground flood prevention. Our surveyors can assess any potential problems quickly and expertly, recommending only the required measures to ensure your property is protected from flooding.

Our flood control systems are suitable for large commercial properties as well as domestic households.

MacLennan are able to supply and install the appropriate flood barriers or even flood proof door to ensure your property is protected from flooding. Other systems only provide barriers to openings which fail when water enters through walls and floors. The MacLennan system is a complete whole property flood prevention system.

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Key Points

  • The MacLennan flood prevention system fits behind all normal finishes and will effectively control and redirect flood water.
  • We’ll design, supply and install a system that is bespoke to your property to ensure complete flood protection.
  • We offer a range of flood barrier solutions including doors and vents.
  • As a specialist waterproofing company, we can recommend pumped drainage systems that allow your drains to work even when the drainage system is flooded. While we recommend flood prevention systems, we also have remediation systems for repair of finishes in flooded properties and installation of systems for future protection.
  • MacLennan systems are guaranteed flood proof enabling the property to be reinsured or premiums reduced.
  • Our flood barriers can be installed quickly and are the answer to cost-effective, highly-stable, removable flood protection.

If you’d like to find out more about our flood defence solutions or to discuss your requirements further, please get in touch with a member of the Maclennan team.

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Flood Prevention Rather Than Remediation

According to the Environment Agency, ‘over 5 million people in England and Wales live and work in properties that are at risk of flooding from rivers or the sea’. We have all watched the news in recent times showing flooding countrywide due to heavy rain and storms. There are on-going concerns that ground that has been saturated with all the heavy rain could lead to localised surface water flooding.

Recent events show that flooding is getting more prevalent year on year, leaving people homeless, prized possessions lost and causing untold heartache to those living with the aftermath – as well as the astronomical cost of making your home habitable again after it has been flooded.

Many property owners in this situation cannot get home insurance or if they can it is exorbitantly priced. Property owners can’t get peace of mind, worrying every time a flood warning is issued. Quite frankly it’s outrageous that property owners have to worry and owners whose property is prone to flooding are stuck. These property owners can’t move, they can’t carry the cost of remedial works every couple of years or in some cases every year. How long is it acceptable to live in a caravan in your front garden?

All of this could be prevented, ensuring peace of mind and a flood free home. There needs to be a focus on flood prevention methods as opposed to flood remediation. At Maclennan we can design, supply and install a complete guaranteed system for any flooding situation – for a lot less than constant remediation, and in most cases complete with the industry’s most comprehensive guarantees and insurances allowing properties to be re-insured. The plans we put together are built for your property and incorporate, but are not limited to, flood barriers and flood proof doors. download PDF

Flood Alert

The Environment Agency offer two ways to help you keep an eye on any potential floods in your area. To find out if there is a risk of of flooding across England and Wales for today and the next two days they offer the Environment Agency forecast checker, which you can access at the link below:

Three Day Flood Risk Forecast

They also send out alerts when flood warnings affect your area, which are free to sign up to. Don’t miss out and follow the link below to register: Flood Warnings Direct

Why should I work with MacLennan?


We Design, supply and install. There's no split responsibility with MacLennan.


MacLennan live and breathe waterproofing, have a look at one of our free CPD seminars and find out!


MacLennan has the most comprehensive guarantees and insurances in the industry.

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