Resin Injection Repairs

Resin injection is an acrylic or Polyurethane resin that is injected into concrete or masonry to fill cracks and voids to stop water penetration.

Once the source of a leak is diagnosed by the MacLennan surveying team, a specification is prepared for remediation.

Large voids can be chased out and filled with watertight concrete repair mortar. Cracks and deep voids are injected with a range of Polyurethane resins which react with the water to seal up the crack or void permanently therefore preventing further ingress.

MacLennan technician drilling for resin injection installation
Drilling for resin injection

Solving problem basements - Video

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injecting resin to stop leaks
injecting resin to stop leak

Joint injection

More often than not, it is joints that are leaking rather than cracks in the concrete.

The resin injection of construction joins has to be carefully considered as the join needs to be able to open and close. If the choice of material is incorrect, or the join is incorrectly or over-filled, problems can occur.

The MacLennan resin injection engineers have over 30 years' of experience with this form of waterproofing and have worked on some of the most technically challenging projects ever undertaken.

With resin injection systems, we can stop high-volume active leaks and remedy-failed movement joints and kicker joints.

If there is a more general problem, then a blanket of resin can be applied into or behind the structure to completely seal-up all routes for water ingress.



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MacLennan surveyors investigate, report and recommend the correct course of action and supply fully itemised costs for all aspects of the work, including itemising relevant necessary main contractors work.

We then carry out the work to the highest standard possible and leave you in the safe knowledge that the leak has been repaired and your basement is now watertight.

If your basement or other below-ground structures are exposed to water ingress leaks, get in touch with the MacLennan team to arrange a site survey from one of our trusted waterproofing experts.


installing Acrylic resin into leaking movement joint
Injecting Acrylic resin into leaking movement joint
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