Sump, Pump & Drainage Systems

Condensation dampness is a condition that affects millions of homes, all air contains a certain amount of ‘invisible’ water vapour, the warmer the air the greater the amount of water vapour that can be held.

Sump and pump systems are at the heart of cavity drain systems to help ensure that all water, if removed quickly and effectively, keep your property dry.

When having a waterproofing solution installed by MacLennan Waterproofing, we'll often utilise a cavity drain membrane system which, in turn, relies on a sump and pump system to help manage and maintain drainage.

  • Typical section through sump pit - insulated floor
  • Typical section through sump pit - uninsulated floor

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Maclennan have been experts in designing, installing and guaranteeing systems for over 30 years.


Here at MacLennan, we only use top of the range sump and pump systems. We provide systems that offer a range of options to ensure every system we supply and install is tailored to the project and budget of each client.

Service & Maintenance

We provide full service and maintenance support at regular intervals, and also off-site monitoring and fault diagnostics with some of the options we offer. Contact a member of the MacLennan team to find out more.

Technical Support

We provide a full and comprehensive design and technical backup service for clients with systems designed and installed by MacLennan.

Technical drawings, data sheets and details of all the options available for back-up systems and foul water removal are available to architects and other persons as required. We provide site staff with a full installation manual to help them carry out the work prior to our attendance on site. View our technical downloads.

Powerful Additions

As waterproofing specialists, we understand how quickly things can change and how time is often of the essence. With that in mind, MacLennan offers a range of additional extras including battery and generator backup systems, along with alarms and control panels with customised functionality suited to the requirements of your project.

Why should I work with MacLennan?


We Design, supply and install. There's no split responsibility with MacLennan.


MacLennan live and breathe waterproofing, have a look at one of our free CPD seminars and find out!


MacLennan has the most comprehensive guarantees and insurances in the industry.

Training & CPD

We’re dedicated to keeping up to date with the most recent developments in the waterproofing industry relating to sumps and pumps.

Our knowledgeable team regularly attend training days along with all our installation technicians.

CPD Seminars

We also host an array of CPD seminars for industry professionals who are keen to develop their knowledge about waterproofing design and installation.

You can book your CPD seminar online or get in touch with the team to find out more.

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