Service Entries

Service entry points are one of the most common points of failure with basement waterproofing. They fail due to detailing and very often as a result of damage by site traffic after installation.

You'll need to install a suitable sleeve through the retaining wall. The sleeve should have the appropriate hydrophilic strips or puddle flanges around it and should be secured in place with concrete.

All service entries should be waterproofed externally by others and pipes backfilled and protected so as they are not damaged by subsequent works on site.

The sleeve must extend a minimum of 50mm past both the internal and external faces of the retaining wall. This is to ensure that the cavity drain and *externally applied waterproofing can be detailed onto the pipe. (*externally applied waterproofing where specified/ accepted).

Service Entry Waterproofing Diagram

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Secured Service Entry

This can be achieved by using collars inside the wall for future extending of the pipes. MacLennan only waterproof service entries externally if it is part of a full external system. If MacLennan are not installing an external waterproofing system, service entry waterproofing externally is by others.

Service entries should be designed and built so as to run services in a dry environment. All pipework and services have to be firmly fixed in position before application of service pipe sealant.

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What to consider when planning a service entry?

Conduit/pipework should be carefully backfilled and compacted at an appropriate depth to protect from damage caused by plant movement above.

Damaged pipework allows water ingress into the service pipe. MacLennan can remediate this problem with Stopaq or specialist sealants for hot water pipes. However, it is a repair done on a best endeavor basis given that the volume and pressure of water cannot be known.

Service entry pipes should be waterproofed by others on the outside during installation. Ideally a manhole arrangement will be designed so as service pipes can be accessed externally for repair and upgrading as necessary.

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