Waterproofing Systems for Car Parks & Stairways

The Polyprufe traffic deck waterproofing system is specifically designed and used for Carpark decks including the exposed top deck and can be finished with coloured walkways, markings and bays.

Polyprufe traffic deck system is a waterproofing and Anti-Slip Surfacing System that combines ease of use, with fast installation and durable performance. It is a liquid spray-applied membrane that offers a distinct alternative to traditional waterproofing products and methods. The spray-applied membrane forms an elastomeric waterproof layer for bridges, parking decks, balconies, loading docks, mechanical rooms, terraces, and walkways. The systems quick cure times allow treated decks to be returned to service within a few hours of completion.
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    - Applying Polurea waterproof coating.
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    - Diagram of Traffic Deck
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    - Failed Deck Waterproofing Brighton
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    - Deck waterproofing.
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  Deck waterproofing 3d drawing Maclennan applied traffic deck system also offers designers and owners long term concrete protection against traffic and the elements, all of this is backed by Dow Hyperlast`s extended warranty program. Maclennan offer a range of features and benefits for their applied traffic deck waterproofing system and surfacing systems, including:
  • Up to 10 years manufacturer’s labour and materials warranty.
  • Faster application – it can be trafficked the same day, even at low ..temperatures.
  • Greater durability – up to 4mm build thickness.
  • No noxious odours.
  • Formulated without solvents.
  Technical data sheet PDF click here

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