Houses of Parliament

Prestigious And Iconic Buildings Case Studies

MacLennan have experience in waterproofing both old and famous buildings – from old Georgian Manors to the Houses of Parliament. From designing to installing, we have been through the whole process of waterproofing these buildings which are vital to England’s heritage.
Historic Buildings waterproofing Upton Lovell

Historic Buildings Case Studies

Maclennan have extensive experience of waterproofing Historic buildings. Our surveyors will work tirelessly to maintain the characteristics of each historic building, enabling our waterproofing systems to merge seamlessly with the existing structure.
Benefits of basement waterproofing

New Build Basement Case Studies

We have worked on a large number of new buildings and conversions to make them waterproof. From helping to waterproof new swimming pools or brand new basements in London, we have the experience to help with all waterproofing issues with new buildings and extensions.
Maclennan cavity drain system instaltion london

Cavity Drain System Case Studies

MacLennan have been used for a number of flooding & waterproofing issues that specifically required a Cavity Membrane system. We have experience with both water and gas proofing on both new and old buildings, and we believe that this system is one of the most cost effective systems for below ground situations.
vault damp proofing

Damp Proofing Case Studies

Maclennan are damp proofing specialists. For a long time now the chemical damp proof course has been seen as the cure for all damp problems. At Maclennan we specify and carry out work on a whole range of buildings. Many of them are traditional built buildings of cob and stone or flint and brick. For these buildings a chemical damp proof course is unsuitable.
Gas membrane waterproofing

Radon And Other Gas And Waterproofing

Radon Gas is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that was first discovered in 1900, but the health risks of exposure to the gas were only discovered in 1984. MacLennan can design and install Radon gas and ground gas systems to deal with Methane, C02. The systems can be part of a combined waterproofing system or a standalone system. Some contractors will claim that it is mandatory to install a gas proof system ( at additional cost ) this is not the case. MacLennan or your engineer can advise if gas remediation is necessary.

Commercial Basement Waterproofing Case Studies

MacLennan have experience in waterproofing large commercial buildings. MacLennan can be called upon to use our Cavity Drain System, Preprufe Waterproofing Systems or Polyprufe waterproof spray applied systems to achieve the right waterproofing needs for each project.
Flooded houses after heavy Rain

Flood Proofing Case Studies

Flood proofing can often be required for properties that are located near a river or in other areas at risk to flooding. We have carried out a range of work to solve situations that involve historic buildings that were susceptible to flooding.

Bars Above timber resin repairs

Timber Resin Case Studies

Timber Resin can come in many forms but TRS (Timber Resin Splices) are the most commonly used, they can also come in several forms depending on the accessibility of the repair i.e. side slot, top slot etc………. The repairs are relatively non-destructive. We are rail approved contractors and can help offer potential savings over other solutions.

Bars Above timber resin repairs

Timber Treatment Case Studies

MacLennan are specialists  in all aspects of Timber Treatments. Treatments include Dry Rot “Serpula Lacrymans“ and various types of Wet rot, all types of wood boring insects and Death Watch beetle. MacLennan surveyors  will implement a thorough investigative inspection and advise an effective treatment.
Helical Structural repairs

Helical Structural Repairs Case Studies

MacLennan are experts at many forms of structural repairs including Masonry repairs and Timber repairs. From underpinning to a simple bower beam installation we can cater for nearly every mode of building failure in every type of construction.
Polyprufe Podium Deck North London 1

Deck Waterproofing Case Studies

Maclennan Polyprufe Deck Waterproofing is fast curing, which allows for quick installation even at very low temperatures, and is water insensitive. Polyprufe creates a high quality, waterproof elastic sprayed membrane which has many advantages over traditional waterproofing systems. It is very cost-effective when compared to conventional solvent-based products.

External Grace waterproofing

External Waterproofing Case Studies

Maclennan specialise in the installation of applied external systems and sprayed systems.
External tanking is the provision of a waterproof membrane to the outside of the basement or sub-structure in accordance with BS8102: 2009 (Type A form of construction). When selecting a suitable external tanking system. External waterproofing is only really an option in new build construction.
 waterproof membrane and joint sealants” width=

Concrete Resin Injection

Maclennan investigate and cure leaks by the use of Resin injection and cement based polymer modified grouts to waterproof construction joints cracks and honeycombed concrete. Whatever the problem Maclennan have a material and a technique to complete a remedy. MacLennan surveyors investigate, report and recommend the correct course of action and supply fully itemized costs for all aspects of the work including itemizing relevant necessary main contractors work.

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