Bituthene Waterproofing System Avon Castle


Avon Castle Main Contractor: E. P. Abley Ltd, Project Value: £37,500 Project Type: Externally Applied Membrane Grace Preprufe & Bituthene. As Approved Grace Contractors MacLennan were contracted by the main contractor to under take the installation of the Grace Preprufe and Bituthene waterproofing system.
  • Bituthene Waterproofing System 1
  • Bituthene Waterproofing System 2
  • Bituthene Waterproofing System 3


First the Preprufe was laid over the pre-prepared blinding. The Preprufe was dress around the edge shutter and penetrations where detailed with Grace LM (Liquid Membrane) The Main contractor then poured the concrete slab and walls. MacLennan then returned to site to apply the Grace Bituthene. First the walls were primed with B2 primer and then the Bituthene was applied. Finally the Insulated drainage layer was installed and then the area was backfilled.


Maclennan carried out the work in the specified time and with in budget.

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