Cavity Membrane System Hampstead


Main Contractor: Walter Lilly Project Value: £123,000 Project Type: Internal Cavity Drain System & Deck Waterproofing. MacLennan were contacted by Adams Architecture, who MacLennan regularly works with on Projects. To provide a waterproofing design for this large detached property in Hampstead. The design was for a Cavity Drain System to the main basement and MacLennan’s own Polyprufe Deck waterproofing system to the 500sqm Terrace area.

  • Cavity Drain System Hampstead 1
  • Cavity Drain System Hampstead 2


The First Cavity Drain System was installed to the inside of the structure. Finally the Terrace Waterproofing was carried out using Maclennan Polyprufe.


Maclennan has grown every year for the last ten years but most notably in the last two. Because contractors and architects are concerned about the risks in waterproofing, they prefer often to put it in the hands of specialists. With the new Polyprufe system and some very innovative remedial solutions, the future is bright for Maclennan.


Cavity Membrane System Hampstead Base of Blockwork Retaining wall Sump pit

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