Cavity Drain System Wiltshire


Cavity Drain System Wiltshire, Ferne Park.
Wiltshire Client: Viscount Rothermere.
Principle Contractor: Mouldings.
Building Contractors Architects: Quinlan & Francis Terry LLP.
Value £25,000

Ferne Park is a large English Country house, built in 2001 in the Palladian style, with views to both Dorset and Wiltshire, both having rich resources of building stone. Four different stones were used on the exterior of the house with the slight variations adding to the visual interest. In 2010 new wings were built onto the property with the addition of new Basements incorporated into the design plans.

Maclennan Waterproofing Design team where asked to design a suitable Cavity drain system that would work seamlessly with the waterproofing requirements for this prestigious project.

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  • Cavity Drain System Wiltshire 2


Because it is not possible to determine the amount of potential water pressure surrounding structures, MacLennan designed and installed a basement waterproofing systems which would meet the needs of the client in regards to this type of Basement construction.

The Basement waterproofing had to comply to BS 8102 which requires that all waterproofing is maintainable and repairable. A Newton Cavity drain system was installed. The Cavity Drain Membrane was installed with suitable drainage.

A system of sumps and pumps were installed which would be controlled by a separate control panel and the pumps were be fitted with battery back up so as they would continue working in the event of a power failure.

The design was Maclennan PI. The installation was covered by Maclennan long term guarantee and consequential damage insurance.


Maclennan engineers worked injunction with the Building Contractors Architects so that all of the work was carried out and within agreed time scales and exactly on Budget.


Cavity Drain System Wiltshire Base of Blockwork Retaining wall Head of Blockwork Retaining wall Sump pit

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