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Project: Upton Lovell Converting a Cellar and Waterproofing Maclennan Cavity Membrane system. The client was refurbishing this very large country house. The cellars flooded to 600mm deep every year. The Maclennan qualified surveyor proposed the use of the Maclennan Cavity Membrane system and drainage to sumps and pumps. The Cavity Membrane system is becoming accepted by the market leading companies such as Maclennan as the most reliable, cost effective way to water proof in most below ground situations.

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The walls of this cellar were soft brick work painted with lime wash. Any applied cement or epoxy system would have been too hard and would not have bonded well to the soft substrate even with all of the correct preparation. Any form of tanking would have caused stresses on the walls of the cellar when the hydrostatic pressure came to bare and this would have lead to the failure of any such system. The cavity drain membrane system required very little preparation and as it is mechanically fixed and not designed to come under water pressure bonding is not an issue. The walls were dry lined and plastered by the main contractors plastering team who had been trained in the plastering of membranes by Maclennan. The water still rises around the basement every year but the inside of the cellar is unaffected.


Because the system was installed by Maclennan, a qualified company, the system is guaranteed for 10 years by the GPI insurance scheme which is the only insured scheme available for water proofing. The guarantee is renewable every 10 years if a service agreement is entered into. Maclennan are a leading water proofing specialist and are Membrane system approved designers and installers covering London and the South of England including: Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.



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