Case Study / Damp Proofing & Timber Treatment

Stables Conversion, Gloucestershire

Converting stone stables into an office space

Stone Stables

There are many reasons why people wish to convert barns and stables, the obvious being – they are beautiful buildings. Taking a sensitive approach to design will ensure the original character shines out once the conversion is finished. You have to bear in mind that stables were usually built quickly and cheaply to meet simpler needs of being a home to the animals. But if you do employ the expert skill and can maximise the potential of an existing structure you can end up with an idyllic property packed with character as long as you get an expert in to help with the potential damp issues.

MacLennan were approached during conversion works of a 35 square metre stone stable in Gloucestershire which was also being extended with a timber frame. We had to come up with a solution for timber treatment to the old beams and make the building dry and comfortable for office space.


Timber treatment
Damp proofing
Damp proofing
Damp proofing


Before commencing damp proofing works, MacLennan treated the accessible roof and timber beams with an insecticidal emulsion wood preservative which is odourless and non-flammable.

Working hand in hand with an architect on the design of this conversion, MacLennan surveyors incorporated holistic approach by advising specialist ventilated cavity lathe as the best solution for damp proofing to the stone walls and the floor which was installed by MacLennan expert technicians. This damp proofing system does not cause any ill effects to the building and does not change the way the building works, it just isolates all finishes from damp walls. It protects plaster and decorated finishes from the damp in the walls and creates a warmer and dry environment in the property. The architects had introduced French drain, and the system on this occasion did not require any sumps and pumps as the existing stable floor was set to falls and had gullies.


The beautiful stone stables were converted in safe, dry and comfortable office space and the work on the project was delivered within the timescale and the budget providing full company guarantee for damp proofing works.

We also undertake helical structural works to properties of this type and Resin repairs on Timbers when specified by an Engineer.

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