Deck waterproofing polyprufe

Case Study / Deck Waterproofing 

19th Century House, Wiltshire

Waterproofing a deck above an indoor swimming pool

Deck waterproofing polyprufe

MacLennan recently finished deck waterproofing at a charming country house in Wiltshire. The property, which dates from pre-1850 with later additions, is constructed of part cob and brick under a reed-thatched roof. The semi-basement lower ground floor houses an impressive oval shaped indoor swimming pool with pool house, shower/changing room and separate cloakroom. In addition there is a cellar and store room on the lower ground floor.

MacLennan was called in to waterproof the decking above the indoor swimming pool, plant rooms, corridors and passages which led to the swimming pool from the main house as the terracing over an existing semi-basement was being extended. Our works were part of a refurbishment project as this was largely an existing property which was being extended and renovated.


Deck waterproofing polyprufe
MacLennan spark testing
Deck waterproofing polyprufe
Deck waterproofing polyprufe


It was agreed that the spray-applied Polyprufe waterproofing system will be the most effective in keeping the roof of the swimming pool roof area completely impenetrable by water. After the substrate was prepared, MacLennan's specially trained technicians coated the prepared surface with our primer before spraying on a coat of the state-of-the-art liquid applied waterproofing system Polyprufe.

MacLennan Polyprufe is an environmentally safe polyurea based waterproofing with no solvents, emissions or VOC. It is durable, flexible and fast curing which allows for quick installation. After spraying our specialists conducted a spark test to make sure the entire treated area is completely waterproofed.


MacLennan completed all works within the time frame and the budget. The Polyprufe system is guaranteed for 10 years.

All of this was backed by MacLennan’s full installation guarantee and PI cover on the design.

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