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Deck Waterproofing Tedworth House


Deck Waterproofing Tedworth House Wiltshire 1,126 Sq. feet of sprayed Polyprufe, due to its high performance standard for deck waterproofing. Tedworth House is an extensive manor house which was purchased by the army In 1897 and up until recently has seen a variety of military uses. It was taken over by the charity Help for Heroes in February 2011, on a lease of £1 per annum for 99 years. A £20 million renovation process has been underway for the last year and should be soon a fully functioning residential Rehabilitation and recovery centre for our wounded military personnel. MacLennan was called in to waterproof the decking above the 1,126 sq. foot gym, which was then being turned into tennis courts.
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  • Tedworth House


After the substrate was prepared, MacLennan operatives then sprayed the prepared surface with our primer before applying a 2 mil coating of Polyprufe. MacLennan Polyprufe is an environmentally friendly, polyurea based waterproofing system. It is durable, flexible and fast curing (10 seconds) which allows for quick installation. deck waterproofing tedworth house Once the Polyprufe is dry as part of our quality control our operatives perform spark testing to ensure it is a consistent and uniform, fully waterproof membrane.


Using MacLennan Polyprufe ensures the ultimate waterproof coating for any decking, it is environmentally safe, no solvents, emissions or VOC. Fast curing means it can take foot traffic after 10 seconds and light vehicular traffic after a few hours. Meaning Tedworth House, now has a waterproof deck on their rehabilitation gym and ample usable space to utilise for tennis courts. ADVANTAGES OF USING MACLENNAN: The contract designed and carried out by MacLennan under our insurance cover and PI. – We only use our own trained, experienced operatives. – Cost effective. – Waterproofing is our speciality. ©picture of Tedworth House from BBC images

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