Flood Control System / Wiltshire


Newton System 500 used as a robust flood control system to Prevent flood damage and treat damp. This gorgeous cottage in Wiltshire required a robust flood control system to prevent it from flooding and to control the damp in the cob and stone walls. We were engaged by the cottage owner to carry out a site survey and to specify The necessary work to provide a guaranteed cure for flooding and to remedy a Damp problem.

  • Flood Control System / Wiltshire 1
  • Flood Control System / Wiltshire 2
  • Flood Control System / Wiltshire 3


Our fully qualified staff carefully removed the stairs and floor. A concrete floor was installed with a Newton Basedrain set in at the wall floor junction and draining out at the front of the building. Newton 508 Cavity Drain membrane was installed over the concrete floor and Newton 508 mesh membrane over the walls, which were then finished with plasterboard. We also then refitted the stairs and joinery items.


The cottage is now permanently free of the risk of flooding and the walls are decorated and free of damp. Advantages of using MacLennan:

  • The contract designed and carried out by us under our insurance cover and PI.
  • Carries our 20 year guarantee.
  • The system was installed over friable stone and lime mortar where any other system such as cement, epoxy based systems would not be suitable.
  • The system could be ventilated to allow the walls to “breathe”


Base of Blockwork Retaining wall Head of Blockwork Retaining wall Sump pit

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