The system used was the MacLennan internal cavity drain and Radon gas waterproofing membrane system, designed by us to be used as a combined water and gas proofing system This Property was a new build in Cornwall. As a basement was being included in the property the main contractor requested that MacLennan provide a waterproofing design, supply and fit. Cornwall has a high instance of Radon gas which can be lethal, so Maclennan also ensured that all membrane and channelling was sealed as per radon requirements.

  • Gas Membrane Waterproofing Cornwall 1
  • Gas Membrane Waterproofing Cornwall 2
  • Gas Membrane Waterproofing Cornwall 3


As this property was a new build, MacLennan specialists were able to work with the contractor to design, fit and supply the required water and gas proofing measures right from the start of construction. We fitted a ventilated cavity membrane with a base drain channel along floor join and also ensured that there were accessible inspection ports. The system was sealed for radon requirement.


A completely water and gas proofed property ensuring the property has extra Sq meterage that can be fully utilised by the owners without worry of water or gas leakage. Advantages of using MacLennan:

  • The contract designed and carried out by us under our insurance cover and PI.
  • All design and work carried out only by our own trained and qualified personnel.


Base of Blockwork Retaining wall Head of Blockwork Retaining wall Sump pit

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