large grey house with new deck waterproofing

Case Study / Waterproofing 

Grand & Luxury, New Build Home

A specialist Waterproofing solution, for a massive basement and deck underneath a luxury new build.

large grey house with new deck waterproofing

Set in the picturesque Wentworth Golf Estate in Surrey, this grand & luxurious new build home has been constructed with two storeys of accommodation above ground and a massive basement below.

The basement extends under the footprint of the house and will include a cinema, wine cellar and staff areas, as well as a ramp leading to the underground car park. At the rear of the property will be an outdoor swimming pool.

The property started construction back in 2017, with a view to start the waterproofing works early 2018. MacLennan were instructed to design, supply and install a suitable waterproofing solution to the whole of the basement area and deck areas above.


Romany, Cavity Drain


2018-2021: Our Waterproofing Design Specialist specified our crystal coat as the first form of waterproofing along with our cavity drain membrane, the 2nd and most important part of the waterproofing system to the internal areas of the basement. This complies with the latest waterproofing standards BS8102 where waterproofing needs to be maintainable and repairable. There will also be drainage channels, inspection ports, sumps & pumps installed, this will carry away any potential water ingress ensuring that the basement remains dry and habitable.

2021-2022: Construction of the rest of the property continued and during this time, and after our initial installation, the homeowners decided to make some changes to their property by adding a building to cover their outdoor pool. This meant that our previously installed deck waterproofing system needed to be completely removed, surfaces prepared and then reapplied.

2023: We used our new deck waterproofing solution, Polyprufe M, to cover the new deck area above the basement. With the drainage membrane rolled out on top of our Polyprufe M liquid membrane, it is now ready for the clients desired finishes, whether that be soil and grass, decking or patio slabs. The drainage membrane allows water to move to the drains and protects the Polyprufe M underneath it.


MacLennan installed a fully compliant waterproofing system to the basement and deck areas. The work was carried out in the agreed time frames and within budget.

MacLennan guaranteed the work, and it was all covered by our 10million PI.

Video showing our Polyprufe M Deck waterproofing installation

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