Historic Basement Newbury


Client Acorn Construction. MacLennan designed and installed the waterproofing system to convert a damp basement into a useable dry space. MacLennan were engaged by Acorn Construction to carry out a site survey and to specify the necessary work to provide a guaranteed dry habitable area in the basement of the house while retaining the existing floor finishes of brick.

  • Sump And Pump System Newbury 1
  • Sump And Pump System Newbury 2


The MacLennan tradesmen carefully removed the existing brick floor and carefully set it to one side. A concrete floor was installed with a Newton Basedrain set in at the wall floor junction. Newton system 500 membrane was installed over the concrete floor and sealed to the basedrain. The MacLennan technician’s installed the Newton Titan Pro self contained sump with 2 in number 400 Watt pumps and a high level alarm system. The MacLennan tradesmen then relayed the traditional brick floor onto the membrane. The inverted lid of the sump chamber was filled with the bricks laid in traditional mortar.


The basement was converted from a very damp unusable space to a completely dry guaranteed habitable area which complies with BS8102 2009 and was guaranteed against water ingress. Benefits The whole contract was designed and carried out by MacLennan under their insurance cover and PI. The whole system was guaranteed for 10 years by MacLennan. The system was installed over friable bricks and mortar where any other system such as cement, epoxy based systems would not be suitable. The system could be ventilated to allow the walls to “breathe” or it could be sealed to offer gas protection.


Base of Blockwork Retaining wall Head of Blockwork Retaining wall Sump pit

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