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Timber Treatment & Damp Proofing – Community Church, Wiltshire

Timber Treatment and Damp Proofing as Community Church in Wiltshire


MacLennan were engaged to carry out timber treatments and damp proofing. The work had to be carried out while keeping the adjacent cafeteria open.

The Church needed to be treated with a sympathetic approach, being a focal point for the local community it was of the utmost importance that when the timber and damp proofing treatments were completed the Church would still retain all the characteristics of it’s original construction date.

MacLennan work closely with the likes of English Heritage to install suitable damp proofing systems which are either completely demountable or still keep the aesthetics of the property to as close as original as possible.

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  • United Reform Church Cavity Drain System
  • Dry Rot Timber Treatment Cavity Drain United Reform Church

Youtube video demonstrating effective timber treatment technique – Presented by Ian MacLennan


All affected timbers were replaced with pre-treated replacement timbers and all other timbers were treated with Boron Dry rot treatment. The affected areas then had to have any plaster removed from the walls and a masonry biocide applied which will effectively eradicate spores and Fungal Growth in the wall.

To effectively keep the Church safe from this type of problem reoccurring in the future a MacLennan damp proof render system was installed to keep the walls of the Church free from water ingress.


The MacLennan Biocide will work very effectively on damp masonry and will remain in dry wood as a defence should it become damp, at which point the Biocide gel would move into the wood to give further protection


MacLennan carried out all of the associated building works and completed the work in the agreed time scales. MacLennan are one of the few companies to give meaningful insurance underwritten guarantees for work carried out. Most insurance backed guarantees only cover materials used or the value of the original works. MacLennan warranties cover all aspects of the work and any damage. All waterproofing work was managed and carried out on time and within budget.

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