Resin injection

Case Study / Leak stop

Swimming pool rescue, Poole

A Quick and reliable solution – Resin injection.

Flooded plant room
Resin injection

The Poole (Dolphin) Leisure Centre in Dorset offers you everything you could want from a leisure centre. Alongside the modern and well-equipped 60-station gym, they have a host of activities in three swimming pools. These comprise of a main pool, a teaching pool and a diving pool where clients can enjoy award-winning swimming lessons, diving lessons, casual swim and fitness sessions, too.

At some point, the swimming pool’s drain boxes, along with the scum channels started leaking into the basement plant room. The leaks appeared through cracks in concrete walls around the swimming pools seeping through the walls on other side into the basement which started flooding.

If not resolved quickly, this type of leakage could cause a huge damage to the whole building. It was also time sensitive as the diving pool had to re-open for the new season of training. MacLennan waterproofing specialists were tasked to come up with a solution that would be safe, quick and cost effective to remediate this situation.


Dolphin Centre swimming pool
Resin injection
Resin injection
Resin injection
cleaning waterproofing equipment


Once the source of a leak was diagnosed by the MacLennan surveying team, a specification was prepared for remediation. On this particular project out of all available systems, we decided to go for the polyurethane resin injection system due to the solution needing to be fast curing. High-volume active leaks can be stopped with resin injection systems. The resin is injected to the centre of the concrete and then it spreads in both directions to create a seal.

When we inject resin we inject it directly into the crack. This is normally achieved by drilling into the crack at a 45 degree angle so that the drill hole intersects the crack at the centre line of the RC concrete. In some areas we had to drill so that the drill holes were not in the centre of the concrete. This was because we didn’t want to put too much pressure on the inside face of the pool, which could have blown the tiles off.

The drain boxes were waterproofed and all cracks at the diving pool and the learning pool were resin injected. The challenge of this project was accessing and drilling in very tight spaces but as always MacLennan team got the job done.


All works were completed within budget and the very tight timescale, no more leakage was found and the swimming pools could be open to public.

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