Polyprufe Lining System


The system used for this pool refurbishment work was our POLYPRUFE lining system. The pool liner systems can be Specifically designed to fully bond to concrete, render, steel, and plastic and is the perfect system to use when refurbishing a pool or lining a new pool. This pool refurbishment was requested due to the pool being in poor condition and in need of repair, the pool had a flush edge to a grassed terrace and needed ensuring that all edges as well as inside the pool was detailed and treated. The POLYPRUFE system is detailed seamlessly around pipe/light fittings, etc The POLYPRUFE pool liner is resistant to UV, chlorine and all normal pool chemicals MacLennan ensure that POLYPRUFE will: Adhere to concrete, masonry, timber and metal. That POLYPRUFE can be applied to all exposed surfaces. That the UV coating could be any colour client required. That the UV coating would be UV, chlorine & pool chemical resistant.

  • Polyprufe Lining System 1
  • Polyprufe Lining System 2


Once concrete and screed had been flattened and smoothed, MacLennan specialists were able to apply the POLYPRUFE to the required area. In this instance a UV coating was also applied to the top edge, and outside of the pool, to ensure chemical & UV resistance.


The MacLennan POLYPRUFE pool lining system ensures a waterproofed, chemical & UV resistant coating on an existing pool in need of refurbishment. With MacLennan you can be assured of fully trained and experienced staff, exceptional service and all done under our design and insurance for clients peace of mind.

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