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Projects / Lake House, Pusey Main Contractor: Hilldon Construction Project Value: £17,000 Timber Resin strengthening works. This large country house had suffered from a fire which had charred some of the roof timbers. When the structural engineer visited the property to assess the damage and repairs necessary. He found that the roof trusses had, had timber members removed to create a loft conversion, which was carried out some years ago, but the tie beams which were acting as the floor of the conversion had not been upgraded and were not designed to be used as floor joists and so they had started to bow under the weight. The engineer was presented with two problems one how to upgrade the structural loading of the tie beams and two how to replace timbers which had been fire damaged in the centre section. The easiest solution to the upgrade of the beams would have been to introduce steel work, but there where conservation issues, important carpenter’s marks which were on the joist ends could not be removed. Maclennan Structural Solutions worked with the engineer to come up with a solution.

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Maclennan cut a chase through the centre of the timbers and installed re bar in ROTAFIX structural grout which increased the structural load strength of the timber so that it was much stronger than before. Structural calculations of the resin and bars, where provided to the engineer so that get the required loading. One section of timber was so charred in the centre that it had to be cut out altogether and a new TRS (Timber Resin Splice) was installed. The TRS was installed by Maclennan Building Preservation using ROTAFIX Epoxy resins, because to tie beam had been damaged in the centre section a double ended repair was required.


Timber Resin Repairs

  • Timber Resin Splices are used when a timber joist or beam end has become decayed and can no longer carry the load required.
  • They are simple to install by our experienced technicians and are less destructive than the alternative which is a full replacement. The decayed timber is propped then the decayed end is then removed, slots are then formed and the timber splice is then positioned. The area is then sealed and resin is either poured or injected into the slots.
  • Bower Beams are used to replace joist ends that have decayed; they are a simple way to repair the joist without the need for a full replacement which can be very destructive. The joist is supported the decayed end is then removed and the bower beam is them bolted onto the joist end.

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