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Barn Conversion, Waterlooville

Damp proofing & Waterproofing solutions for a listed barn

Hook Vinney, Waterlooville

Special rules apply to building works that affect listed buildings, which can restrict potential for change and add cost to any project. All listed buildings are subject to strict regulations aimed at preserving their historic structure and character both inside and out.

Maclennan waterproofing were approached by Portsmouth based construction company, Ace Southern Ltd to design a suitable waterproofing and damp proofing solution for a Grade II Listed Barn and outbuilding near to Waterlooville, which was going to be converted into a 2 bedroom property and home office.


Hook Vinney, Waterlooville
Hook Vinney, Waterlooville
Hook Vinney, Waterlooville


It was suggested by the Maclennan Waterproofing Surveyor, that the larger Barn Building would require a Cavity Drain Waterproofing System as it had external earth retaining against the base of the solid brickwork walls. This led to lateral dampness and unwanted hydrostatic pressures, leading to Ground Water ingress at low level. This solution had a gravity fed drainage system (rather than mechanical sump and pumps) due to the level of risk determined by the Surveyor. Any water would drain into the surface water drainage system.

The smaller Outbuilding had a Damp Proofing solution, again with a Cavity drain System, but no requirement for a perimeter drainage as the external ground was much lower, so in turn there was only capillary held dampness within the solid brickwork walls.

The chosen system in both areas also dealt with localised agricultural Salt contamination within the existing brickwork walls (nitrates). The waterproofing systems then also put a stop to any potential Hygroscopic Salt staining on the newly finished, dry, habitable walls.


The listed barns were converted to a safe, dry and comfortable home and office space. The project was delivered with the timescales and within budget

Maclennan have offered a fully guaranteed solution which is in line with the BS8102:2009.

The waterproofing and damp proofing solutions are guaranteed for 10 years and is all covered by our 10million PI.

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