Alexandra Park

Case Study / Waterproofing 

Alexandra Park, Bristol

Waterproofing a basement conversion in a Bristol property.

Alexandra Park

MacLennan waterproofing specialists were approached by Glastonbury based Architect’s office Orme Architecture to assist with the design, and then supply and install waterproofing to a private residence in the leafy Alexandra Park in Bristol. Due to this project being predominantly a basement conversion, waterproofing was one of the essential factors in the scheme. Therefore, the Architect wanted a specialist contractor on board from an early point in developing technical drawings.

The Basement level of the property was being converted into a whole floor of liveable space with a bedroom, reception room, utility area and a bathroom. It was important that the space would be dry and comfortable for everyday living and the waterproofing solution would not take away too much of the living space for the private client to make the most out of the room space available to them.


Basement conversion waterproofing
Basement conversion waterproofing
inspection ports
Basement conversion waterproofing


MacLennan waterproofing specialist surveyor offered ventilated Cavity Drain system to achieve Grade 3 – ideal dryness level for liveable space.

MacLennan Cavity Drain system was installed along the whole length of the wall from floor to ceiling and on the floor itself with service points and channels installed along the walls. It’s very important for the waterproofing system to be serviceable just in case of any issues in the future, it could be easily rectified without damaging the often very expensive finishes. There were no pumps necessary as the drainage was designed to be gravity - assisted.


MacLennan waterproofing specialists designed, supplied and installed waterproofing for this Bristol property making the basement floor a dry and comfortable space for every day living.

All work was carried out to BS8102:2009 waterproofing standard, completed within the planned timescale and the budget. MacLennan guaranteed the work and it was all covered by our 10million PI.


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