le poussin cavity drain polyprufe waterproofing

Cavity Drain Waterproofing System

Project: Lyndhurst The New Forest


Maclennan were approached by Carillion to provide a suitable waterproofing solution for their project just outside Lyndhurst in the New Forest. The waterproofing was required to multiple buildings across the project MacLennan secured the works through competitive tender. Maclennan design department put forward designs for the installation of the Maclennan Cavity Drain Membrane System. This would be the blue print for this ptoject in the new Forest. The complex was to be a series of new build residential properties with new build basements. By Maclennan using Newtons 500 cavity drain waterproofing system they could provide the client with a robust design that would comply with all insurer requirements, Local Authority and British Waterproofing Standard BS8102. All of MacLennan design work is covered by our 10 million PI.
  • Le Poussin Polyprufe Deck Waterproofing New Forest Dorset
  • Le Poussin Cavity Drain Membrane Basement Waterproofing
  • New Forest Cavity Drain Membrane Basement Waterproofing
  • Deck Waterpdoofing Dorset
  • Le Poussin Deck Waterproofing New Forest

le poussin cavity drain polyprufe waterproofing


MacLennan technicians installed the 08 Meshed cavity drain system which is a high quality meshed cavity drain waterproofing membrane, to the retaining walls. The MacLennan 08 system is the most suitable membrane for use internally below the ground. The MacLennan 08 cavity drain membrane does not require extensive preparation to the wall surface. The waterproofing membrane is the ideal surface for renders, plasters or dot and dab plasterboard to ‘key’ to. The 20mm waterproofing membrane was applied to the floors. The membranes are quick to install and can enhance thermal and acoustic performance. The 20mm membrane is the ideal underlay for all types of floor finishes, including particle board, solid wood or laminated floor coverings on screeds. The basedrain system was installed at the wall to floor joins. The basedrain is used with the 08 waterproofing system. The basedrain is designed to collect any water ingress and channel it to a sump where the water can then be discharged by pump to safe drainage. The sump and pump system is the heart of the cavity drain system and ensures that all water is removed quickly and the properties remains dry.


MacLennan technicians installed the 08 cavity drain system to all new basements. All work was completed on time and with-in the agreed budget. The MacLennan site management team and technicians ensured that the work was quality assured throughout. The finished results exceeded the client’s expectations. MacLennan managers ensured that all the work methods complied with safety regulations as they do on all sites. The finished work was covered by our comprehensive product insurance warranty which unlike all others, covers labour as well as materials.

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