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Residential Home, Southampton

Waterproofing an existing basement in a family home in Southampton

MacLennan Waterproofing

A beautiful family home in the leafy suburbs of Southampton was in need of a new waterproofing system for their existing basement as water was coming in.

The basement was likely 20 years old and had suffered with water ingress at particular junctions, so the homeowner’s previous system needed to be updated.

MacLennan worked alongside a Southampton based building company who had prepared the basement ready for waterproofing.


Cavity Membrane
MacLennan Waterproofing
MacLennan Waterproofing
MacLennan Waterproofing


MacLennan’s specialist design team suggested that lime inhibitor should be applied to the concrete floors and then fix a System-08 ventilated cavity membrane from floor to ceiling. The lime inhibitor is applied to prevent the ‘leaching’ of free lime from the concrete. Thick floor insulation would then be laid onto the structural floor slab prior to the membrane being laid, this is to ensure there is enough space for the drainage channels without having to cut into the concrete slab.

A hydrodrain would be fitted around the wall-floor join with wall mounted directional inspection ports, which is critical to comply with BS8102 waterproofing standard. The works could be fully guaranteed and also include MacLennan’s yearly service warranty so the system could be inspected for any blockages.

MacLennan also supplied a Hydrosump-Pro and installed a backup pump with CP9 Pump controller incorporating a high-level water alarm. These pumps were installed to allow for any future water ingress to be carried away from the property.


MacLennan delivered a completely new waterproofing system for this client in Southampton.

The work was carried out in the agreed time frames and within budget.

MacLennan guaranteed the work, and it was all covered by our 10million PI.

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