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Home Farm House, Petworth

Newly excavated basement next to an existing property in Petworth

Home Farm House, Petworth

Maclennan Waterproofing specialists were recommended by an existing client to the building contractor, C Curtis Building, to provide a suitable waterproofing solution to a newly excavated basement next to an existing property in Petworth, Chichester.

The single storey basement would also have an extra room built on top with access from the exiting building.

By deciding to create a new basement next to the existing home, it increases the space without the need to move to a new house, sometimes this is a much more cost effect method for some homeowners.

Another significant advantage of a basement extension is that you can create a whole new floor that can be used in a variety of different ways. In comparison, if you were converting an attic, for example, the attic space is so far from the living areas that it can only really be used for bedrooms, studies or bathrooms.

Home Farm House, Petworth
Home Farm House, Petworth
Home Farm House, Petworth


Maclennan Specialist Surveyor specified that a Ventilated Cavity Membrane should be installed from floor to ceiling with a channel around the wall floor join and inspection ports to allow for ease of future servicing to the system. This is critical to comply with British Standards, it is also a very economical solution which MacLennan can fully guarantee.

MacLennan also supplied a Hydrosump-Pro and installed a backup pump with CP9 Pump controller incorporating a high-level water alarm. This way any potential water ingress that would potentially enter the basement, would be drained away into the sump and expelled by a pump system.

For the extra room being built on top of the basement, the Maclennan Technicians applied Polyprufe to the head of retaining wall. This protection provides a continuous membrane which resists weathering, has excellent adhesion, and is completely designed and guaranteed by MacLennan.


MacLennan designed, supplied and installed the waterproofing system to the newly built basement excavated next to this existing property.

All works were completed within the time frame and budget. offering our insured products guarantee.

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