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Leaking basement Axminster, Devon

Waterproofing in an area that is a subject to flooding in Devon

Axminster, Devon

New build private property in Axminster, in the beautiful Devon countryside had an issue with waterproofing installed by others.

Specialist local waterproofing company MacLennan were recommended by the client's consultants to survey and assess the situation and offer our expert opinion which is based on 30 years’ experience specialising in waterproofing, damp proofing and structural repairs.

We were invited to find a solution to the problem and make the basement of this new build property waterproof with a system that could be guaranteed.


Axminster, Devon
Leaking basement, Devon
basement waterproofing
Leaking basement


The property is based in an area that could be a subject to flooding, so we had to make sure water can be managed away in the case of water ingress and the basement would remain completely dry.

After surveying the property MacLennan specified a state-of-the-art ventilated Cavity membrane system from floor to ceiling and a floor insulation and waterproof membrane all across the floor areas of the basement. This way any water that would potentially enter the basement, would be drained away into the sump and expelled by a pump system. MacLennan had to calculate the worst-case potential inflow of water an design a pumping system that would pump water out as quickly as necessary to guarantee a dry basement. To facilitate this MacLennan cut out a floor slab to accommodate so as a sump and pump system could be installed in the basement of the new build.


MacLennan installed a complete waterproofing system with appropriate pumps so that the basement in this Axminster property would remain completely dry.

All work was completed within time and the agreed budget with MacLennan offering our insured products guarantee.

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