listed building barnstaple millets store front

Case Study / Waterproofing 

Listed building, Barnstaple, Devon

Waterproofing and damp proofing a listed commercial building.

listed building barnstaple millets store front

This listed former bank building was built in the early 19th century. It has recently undergone a major transformation to become Millets outdoor shop on the High street in the town centre of Barnstaple, the largest town in North Devon.

Property contained two large safe rooms in the basement along with WC and welfare facilities but on the surveyor’s inspection of the property, there was a significant damp smell throughout the whole of the basement. It was understood, this property is subject to flooding as there had been some sump pumps identified in the floor suggesting the property is suffering from continuous water ingress. Damp was discovered leading to significant blistering of the paintwork, corrosion of metalwork within the stonework walls of the office room in the basement. The below-ground area needed a widespread tanking installed to protect it from further water ingress and damage so that the new shop would have a dry and safe space for storing stock and the shop staff could use it on regular basis.

As this was a Grade II listed building, local specialist waterproofing company MacLennan were called in to investigate and remedy the problem whilst having a mindful approach in preserving this historic building.

Waterproofing Barnstaple, Devon
Waterproofing Barnstaple, Devon


MacLennan surveyors incorporated a holistic approach by advising specialist ventilated cavity lathe as the best solution for damp proofing to the walls and the floor which was installed by MacLennan expert technicians. This damp proofing and waterproofing system does not cause any ill effects to the building and does not change the way the building works, it just isolates all finishes from damp walls. It protects plaster and decorated finishes from the damp in the walls and creates a warmer and dry environment in the property.

Sump and pump system was installed to make sure any potential water would be expelled from the building properly. The inspection ports to the cavity drain system were installed which are critical in complying with the latest British waterproofing standards.


The new shop in the listed building in Barnstable town centre now has a completely dry and warm basement area which can be used for storing of the stock and as office space.

MacLennan completed all works within budget and agreed time scales and provided full company guarantee.

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