Waterproofing listed Mill house Swindon

Case Study / Waterproofing 

Listed Mill House, Swindon

When you are surrounded by water, but don't want it in your basement.

Waterproofing listed Mill house Swindon

This gorgeous private property in Swindon is located on the river, Being an old Millhouse, it’s surrounded by water which unfortunately had started
to come into the basement of the building and without doubt - destroying it.

The old listed building had to be rescued by waterproofing specialists so MacLennan were employed to design and install a fully compliant waterproofing system which could be guaranteed.


Cavity membraine, waterproofing
Cavity membrane waterproofing, Swindon
Cavity membrane waterproofing, Swindon


Before any waterproofing could be
applied, our technicians had to deal
with some water ingress. Then we
applied waterproofing to the inside of
the property with our state-of-the-art
type C cavity drain system for a
mixture of plastered and battened
finishes. MacLennan came up with
the design so that water now drains
out naturally assisted by gravity, no
pumps were needed. The stunning
location and the property can be
enjoyed by the owners without any
worries about further water ingress to
the basement rooms.


All work was completed within
budget and agreed time scale.
MacLennan provided a guarantee
and PI for design. Waterproofing
works are compliant with British
Standard 8102:2009 and warranty
providers. MacLennan are working
on many historical buildings,
including large commercial projects
all over London, the South and
South West.

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