Oxfordshire thatched cottage

Case Study / Waterproofing 

New basement, Oxfordshire

Rebuild of a thatched cottage in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire thatched cottage

A thatched cottage in Oxfordshire caught fire and 60 firefighters were sent to try and rescue it but the blaze was unstoppable. The main part of the Grade II listed building was destroyed and left unstable after some walls had collapsed. The planning permission was secured to rebuild part of the cottage. The building was partly dismantled and re-erected along with two new two-storey extensions to the side and the rear of the house.

A new basement was also being built and Milton architect offices based in Marlborough got in touch with MacLennan to come up with a waterproofing solution for the new basement. It was critical to the architect that the waterproofing system would be fully compliant with the BS8102 Code of practice for the required warranties.

Deck waterproofing Oxfordshire


MacLennan’s specialist design team suggested CrystalCoat should be applied to the concrete wall and slab areas and then a System-08 ventilated Cavity membrane fixed from floor to ceiling. CrystalCoat is a waterproofing system that is applied to the surface of the concrete to provide in-depth protection against the movement of moisture through the capillaries and hairline cracks within the concrete. A hydrodrain would be fitted around the wall-floor join with wall-mounted directional inspection ports, which is critical to comply with BS8102 waterproofing standard. The project also required deck waterproofing. MacLennan Polyprufe primer was applied and then Polyprufe system was installed. This system provides a continuous membrane that resists weathering, has excellent adhesion, and is completely designed and guaranteed by MacLennan.


MacLennan designed, supplied and installed a complete waterproofing system for this new basement in Oxfordshire which is compliant with the BS8102 Code of practice. The work was carried out in the agreed time frames and within budget.

MacLennan guaranteed the work, and it was all covered by our 10million PI.

Waterproofing new basement Oxfordshire

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