Case Study / Waterproofing 

New Build Torberry House, Petersfield

Basement waterproofing to a New Build property in Petersfield

Torberry House

In any new build project, a basement will be one of the most critical areas of construction.

In accordance with the latest British Standards, two forms of waterproofing are needed when a basement is built to make sure the client will be left dry and their below ground area won’t suffer from any water ingress.

A large new property was being built in Petersfield which lies wholly within the South Downs National Park. It had shuttered waterproof concrete walls throughout and initially only one form of waterproofing designed in.

The extensive basement had a swimming pool, changing room, plant room and a sunken garden within it, so it was crucial there would be absolutely no risk of flooding to this fantastic below ground structure.

The successful contractor on the project contacted MacLennan Waterproofing for our specialist waterproofing knowledge.

MacLennan were tasked to make sure this property was built to comply with the British Standards and the waterproofing system installed could be serviceable and guaranteed for this basement.

Torberry House
Torberry House


MacLennan’s expert surveyor agreed with the contractor that to make this property safe from water ingress several areas of this new build needed attention. MacLennan would design, supply and install the solutions.

Waterproofing to the head of retaining wall is always crucial. This was achieved by one of MacLennan’s hand applied systems.

Internally, throughout the whole of the basement a state-of-the-art Cavity drain waterproofing system was installed from floor to ceiling. This system is serviceable and maintainable to make sure the expensive finishes on the inside of the basement would not be damaged if any water was to come through the waterproof concrete should any cracks appear.

A fully serviceable sump and pump drainage system was installed to manage away any potential water.

And finally, MacLennan installed a polyurea deck waterproofing system to protect the basement.


The new property was waterproofed in accordance with the British Standards. The client now has the confidence that their new basement containing a swimming pool and the recreation area within their new home would not suffer a risk of water damage.

MacLennan carried out work within the agreed time scales, within budget and provided the company guarantees.

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