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Waterproofing a new build basement in Bristol

Bristol waterproofing

MacLennan were tasked in assisting with a new basement that was being built as part of a large demolishing and rebuilding project in the greenbelt surrounding Bristol.

The proposed basement had a 2.4m ceiling height, built up in reinforced blockwork. Several companies priced the works, but MacLennan won the tender with our expertise based on years of experience delivering similar projects and the guarantees of our design and work other contractors could not offer.


pump installation
Deck waterproofing, Polyprufe
Bristol waterproofing


MacLennan waterproofing specialists designed in and planned for several forms of waterproofing on this project. Two forms of waterproofing were installed for the basement itself to comply with BS8102:2009 waterproofing standard and so that the works could be fully guaranteed.

MacLennan supplied and installed Crystalline coating to the walls and the state-of-the-art ventilated cavity membrane to internal walls providing a waterproofing solution that is serviceable and cost-effective. Prior to installing membrane across the floors, we installed a layer of thick floor insulation above the slab, so that there would be no need to cut into the slab for the drainage channels. The pumps were installed to get rid of any water should it be necessary to manage the water away at any point in future.

When building a new basement it’s extremely important to waterproof the top or the “lid” of the basement, therefore MacLennan installed our liquid coating to the top of the reinforced concrete wall. We used MacLennan’s Polyprufe system which can be roll or spray applied, it’s robust, elastomeric and fast curing.


MacLennan delivered a completely dry new basement for this client in Bristol. The work was carried out within the time scales and within budget.

MacLennan guaranteed the work and it was all covered by our 10million PI.


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