Case Study / Waterproofing 

Wraxall Vineyard, Somerset

Waterproofing Tasting space dug into the hillside


Deep in the heart of Somerset, Wraxall is one of the oldest vineyards in the South West. The breath taking, panoramic views of the Somerset Levels and distant Dorset hills provide the perfect backdrop for wine tastings and vineyard tours therefore a new building was built to accommodate this. The View@Wraxall had been designed by Orme Architects to become one with the vines and meld into its environment, as unobtrusively as possible.

Dug back into the hillside – you can walk onto the grass roof from the back of the building. Providing the amazing views through glass “walls” on the south and west side of the building. Waterproofing to this building was necessary to accommodate this beautiful design and to make sure floors and walls do not let in any water from the hillside.

Orme Architects from Glastonbury had worked with MacLennan on other projects and were interested in a waterproofing solution which could have full guarantee from a company with waterproofing insurance so they got in touch with us to supply the design and carry out the installation.


Bristol waterproofing
Bristol waterproofing
Bristol waterproofing


MacLennan provided a design with three types of waterproofing. As an alternative to the concrete additives, a much more effective form of waterproofing was installed. MacLennan used Crystal Coat as the primary barrier. It was applied to the internal face of the reinforced concrete wall. The MacLennan Crystal Coat system is a concrete waterproofing solution that gets applied directly after construction. It repairs all defects and waterproofs the concrete completely and effectively as water could only come in via the cracks in the concrete. The system, when combined with a cavity drain, is guaranteed for 20 years. A cavity drain is a waterproofing system, which can be serviced and repaired unlike most other waterproofing systems. This is critical to comply with Waterproofing Code of practice BS8102.

The deck was prepared and waterproofed with MacLennan’s Polyprufe coating which is elastomeric. It also allows for the deck to be in use very quickly as it dries almost instantly but is a very efficient waterproof barrier.


The new Tasting Space at Wraxall vineyard is ready to be complete with all waterproofing works finished within agreed budget and time frames. The Orme architect continues working with MacLennan on also refurbishing some buildings into Holiday lets at this property in Somerset.

MacLennan designed, supplied and installed a complete waterproofing system which is compliant with the BS8102 Code of practice. MacLennan guaranteed the work, and it was all covered by our 10million PI.


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