Waterproofing & Radon Gas Cavity Drain System –
The Museum Of Jurassic Marine Life

Artists rendering of The Etches Collection & Learning centre – by Kennedy O’Callaghan Architects



MacLennan worked with Kennedy O’Callaghan Architects and AKS Ward to develop a suitable waterproofing system which incorporated Radon protection via the PAC System. The systems are guaranteed to prevent Radon, Methane and Carbon Dioxide. The Museum Of Jurassic Marine Life is a brand new immersive museum which has been designed to house The Etches Collection.

“Visitors will enter the Exhibition Gallery and experience a laboratory of the senses as they are taken on an immersive journey through life underwater 150 million years ago. Created by the gallery ceiling as if it were an underwater, glass roofed vessel from which visitors view the surrounding water world delivered by CGI projection“

“RADON: A radioactive gas associated with increased levels of cancer. Radon gas is tasteless and odourless and is highly hazardous for human beings hence the importance of an effective radon barrier.“ Read More about Radon Gas

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  • Museum Of Jurassic Life 9
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  • Waterproofing Radon Gas Cavity Drain System Museum
  • Radon Gas Cavity Drain System Jurassic Marine Life

Video from The Etches Collection.

About the Museum

The Museum of Jurassic Marine Life is situated in Kimmeridge, Dorset, at the heart of the Jurassic Coast. Within the Museum, you’ll find the finest single collection of Late Jurassic age fossils, from sea monsters to prehistoric predators, all discovered within 2 miles of the Museum. Dr Steve Etches MBE can be seen at the Museum cleaning and conserving his latest discoveries, all of which were found solely by himself.

Inside, you’ll find yourself immersed in an underwater journey, from 150 million years ago. CGI displays of the marine creatures are displayed above in the blue lit rooms, with the fossilised remains in climate-controlled cabinets below.The village of Kimmeridge was once just a tropical sea, where marine flora and fauna were found 152-157 million years ago.

Now you can find The Etches Collection housed within the Museum of Jurassic Marine Life, winners of the CABE (Chartered Association of Building Engineers) New Build Award 2017. Being Arts Council Accredited and members of The Dinosaur Society, the Museum is the ideal location for educational visits.

The Museum is a modern building, being fully accessible and carbon neutral. But it’s not just a Museum, the building is also home to the Kimmeridge Village Hall. The ‘Clore Room’ within the Museum is home to the Village Hall, where the community can come together for activities and events. As a result, the award winning building, also won the Peoples Project Award 2017 – Dorset Best Village Halls.

The small village of Kimmeridge is located within the Jurassic Coast. This stretch of coastline runs from Exmouth in East Devon to Studland Bay in Dorset, an incredible 96 miles. Within the coastline, 185 million years of history is preserved within the rocks. Despite being named the ‘Jurassic Coast’, records of three geological time periods, Triassic-Jurassic-Cretaceous, can be found here, making the coastline a haven of history.


As this property was a new build, MacLennan specialists were able to work with the contractor to design, fit and supply the required water and gas proofing measures right from the start of construction.

A ventilated cavity drain membrane systems that could be detailed as gas membrane / radon barrier when married up with suitable extraction or positive pressure systems, that complied with the BS8102:2009 waterproofing standard, was fitted.


The Cavity drain membrane system is easily and quickly repaired and maintained.


All work was carried out in accordance with the clients requirements and completed on time and within budget.

The building is safe from water ingress and from the following Gases.

METHANE: Forms an explosive mixture in air at levels of 5-16% by volume.

CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2): A toxic, asphyxiating gas, maximum permissible levels 0.5% by volume for long term exposure and 1.5% by volume for short term exposure.

RADON: A radioactive gas associated with increased levels of cancer. Radon gas is tasteless and odourless and is highly hazardous for human beings.


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