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Berkeley tragedy: Probe to focus on waterproofing

Reported in the Irish Examiner today was the horrible story of a group of irish students being killed due to the suspected negligence of a […]

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Type A waterproofing, the PCA guide

The following document outlines the recommendations for effective type A waterproofing. Compiled by the PCA, it contains contributions from waterproofing experts throughout the industry, our […]

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Dudley Primeaux and his thoughts on Polyurea

The polyurea pioneer Dudley Primeaux offers a personal take on the state of the technology and its future in a video interview with Durability + […]

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What you need to know about basement waterproofing design

Basement waterproofing should be very straight forward. You stop the water getting into the basement but you make provision for defects by installing an internal […]

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Why good basement construction is risk free

Basements were common in new construction up until the 1940’s, they then went out of fashion until about 10 years ago, however in Europe and […]

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Is basement waterproofing risky?

Basement waterproofing is often deemed as risky. This should not be the case. If basement waterproofing is carried out to a design following some very […]

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