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MacLennan, as fully qualified waterproofing designers and contractors are proud to work on NHBC certified contracts. The NHBC works directly with architects, consultants and members of professional bodies on both residential and commercial projects to ensure that high standards are met.

NHBC, like other Warranty providers such as LABC, BLP and Premier are all insisting on compliance with BS8012:2009, which is a great step forward for the industry as they are insistent on two means of protection. This mirrors the message MacLennan have been giving for years.

The insurers also insist that a CSSW and WDS qualified designer is involved in the design (again inline with the guidance of BS8012:2009). British Standards advise that the designer should be suitably experienced. MacLennan carry out over 200 basements per year ranging from small domestic to huge multi million commercial waterproofing packages  for tier 1 contractors. MacLennan not only have fully trained CSSW surveyors but we also carry the additional accreditation of WDS (Waterproofing Design Specialist). Meaning we can work with the design team to provide a suitable design. MacLennan aren’t tied to any one supplier and can therefore independently specify the correct materials for the project. We take full liability for the design on our £10 million  PI (if installed by ourselves), and for the supply of materials and installation on our products warranty.




   What is the benefit?

  • All work is carried out to the NHBC's standards
  • A quarterly publication providing a wealth of technical information on standards, regulation and compliance, guidance and good practice is adhered to by their contractors.
  • NHBC works with construction manufacturers to provide assurance that their systems and sub-assemblies are suitable.
  • Recognising the key role that site managers play in delivering high quality homes, NHBC has developed a dedicated online resource to support them and assist in their development.
  • The NHBC, like other warranty providers are insisting on compliance with BS8102/2022 - This is a great step forward for the industry.
  • The NHBC insists that qualified waterproofing professionals (CSSW, WDS) be involved in their projects. Qualifications that MacLennan hold.

MacLennan offer the best insurance backed guarantees in the industry. All manufacturer guarantees and most contractor guarantees are limited to the cost of the materials or at best the original contract value. MacLennan guarantees cover all aspects of the design, materials supplied and the installation if installed by MacLennan.

The critical failure in procurement of waterproofing is allowing the design to be carried out by anyone other than the installer. It is split liability and responsibility that creates issues for the project team and the client. If there is any problem with the waterproofing it is quickly resolved if the design and installation is with one qualified , experienced well insured and financed company. If the lability and responsibility is split between a contractor and a manufacturer it will result in a dispute which can be costly and disruptive and often unresolved to anyone’s satisfaction.

What should i look at if i'm interested in the relevant NHBC standards?

If you are interested in the standards that apply to the waterproofing sector, we would recommend reading NHBC chapter 5.4 "Waterproofing of basements and other below ground structures" here

What does BS8102/2022 entail?

British standard BS8102 is a "Code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground" It is available directly from BSI here


Why should i care if a waterproofing contractor adheres to standards?

Industry standards are adhered to by reputable waterproofing contractors because they present the most up to date compendium of knowledge. A designer taking these standards into consideration will be able to provide the most suitable spec for any project.

Relevant NHBC Case Study

In the NHBC 'Chapter 5.4 Technical Extra' Guidance and good practise case study available here, MacLennan's project at Wentworth is detailed in full.


Relevant MacLennan Case Study

Our project 'The Music box' was a NHBC contract, completed to the highest standard.  The case study is available here.

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