Floor Finishes

Screed with insulation:

This is the most common floor finish, typically the insulation (Closed Cell) is installed on top of the floor slab with the floor membrane over the top.

Chipboard Floating Floor:

This is typically used in remedial situations where the floor to ceiling height is not sufficient to allow a floor screed. It requires the perimeter channel to be recess into the floor slab, the floor membrane is then laid over the floor slab and then the Tongue & Groove Flooring Chipboard (or similar) is laid directly onto the membrane.

Inspection Ports:

Maclennan will install inspection ports in a position to be agreed on site. The inspection ports have to remain accessible after the work is completed. There are various details for achieving this. Please talk to our technical staff for further advice. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure the following trades do not conceal the inspection ports.

All drainage systems rely on servicing. The main advantage of the cavity system is that it is serviceable. Maclennan will offer to service the sump pumps and channel. This servicing guarantees that the system will work. Failure to have servicing carried out can affect the guarantees.

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