Polyprufe Hand Applied Flex

Polyprufe Hand Applied Flex is a single part liquid waterproofing material, which after polymerization forms an elastomeric polyurethane membrane, resisting UV rays and capable of handling severe building movements and deformations.

Polyprufe Hand Applied Flex can be specified as a UV stable waterproofing membrane with high resistance to impact or abrasion or can be the key waterproofing membrane when used with Maclennan Horizontal drainage membrane system to create complete drained waterproofing solutions.

Polyprufe Hand Applied Flex can be professionally applied by airless spray, roller, brush or squeegee to a large variety of different surfaces such as concrete, mortar, brick, ceramics, steel, zinc bituminous membranes, and aluminium to provide a continuous membrane which resists weathering, has excellent adhesion and is completely UV stable.

Compared to traditional liquid waterproofing membranes, it offers the following advantages:

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    - Polyprufe Hand Applied Flex
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    - Hand Applied Polyprufe Waterproof Coating.
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    - Hand Applied Polyurea Interior Waterproofing Coating
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  • Water resistant. Suitable for situations where the product may be in contact with water permanently (does not emulsify).
  • Potable Water Certified to European Directive 98/83/CE.
  • Fast and controlled curing even in low temperatures and high relative humidity with use of Maclennan-LSE QuickCure, our advanced curing additive.
  • Pedestrian trafficable allows for pedestrian transit directly onto the product, without a need for special protection.
  • Strong and resilient does not require any internal reinforcement with nets or non-woven fabrics.
  • Shiny – non-thermoplastic finish avoids dust adherence and membrane softening in hot periods.
  • Key Benefits

    • Durable – Has 25 year ETA certification.
    • 100% waterproof, but allows vapour diffusion.
    • Flexible – Resistant to movements and fissures in substrates.
    • Excellent adhesion to most substrates.
    • Resistant to impact, abrasion and completely UV stable.
    • Excellent resistance to water born micro-organisms.
    • Professional aplication only by Airless spray, roller or brush.
    • Resistant to temperature variations maintaining its characteristics between -50ºC & 90ºC.
    • Excellent resistance to chemical agents (cleaning products, etc.)
  • Typical Applications

    • Balconies and terraces
    • Flat and inverted roofs
    • Podium decks
    • High traffic areas: Stairs, Stadium concourses etc.
    • Car parks
    • Reservoirs and water holding vessels
    • External tanking of basement walls
    • Green roof waterproofing membrane
    • Swimming pools and pond liners

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