bs8102 waterproofing manual

If you haven’t complied with BS8102, chances are its your liability.

bs8102 waterproofing manual

According to the standard, before you do technical design, before RIBA stage 3, you must appoint a waterproofing specialist.


They should be suitably qualified: 

CSSW, Certified Surveyor Structural Waterproofing

or better still, 

WDS, Waterproofing Design Specialist.


They should be suitably experienced in the type of basement proposed.

So what is experienced ?

Maclennan have designed over 20,000 waterproofing systems and installed 4000 basement waterproofing systems in the last 22 years.

When instructing a waterproofing specialist, you have to ensure they have the relevant experience. So, if it is a historic building, what experience do they have with historic and traditional construction.

We  have worked on thousands of historic buildings, either carrying out sympathetic waterproofing of existing basements or installing new basement waterproofing into existing traditionally built buildings.

Before technical design, you must agree with the waterproofing specialist and the client:

  • Form of construction
  • Intended use and contents. And potential future use
  • What environment is required for the intended use. Wet, damp dry and controlled?
  • What systems are most suitable? What is the client’s attitude to risk? What guarantees do they want? and what insurance companies? What do the insurance companies require?
  • How will the system be installed so as it is continuous?
  • How can it be repaired if there is an issue,  after the basement is complete including finishes?

All this and much more needs to be discussed and agreed with the waterproofing specialist before the technical design is even begun by the architects and engineers.

And yet every day we get tender and design requests where none of this has been agreed with the client or a waterproofing design specialist and all the building design is done.

An appointment is not just sending drawings, The designer should have 10 million PI and take design liability for the whole waterproofing process including installation.

They should be either paid as a consultant or named on the drawings and in the tender documents as similar or approved along with strict clients directions insisting all tendering contractors ensure  design and installation  is carried out in accordance with BS8102 and by a qualified design specialist with insured installers.

That’s how the client and the design team are protected.


Technical overview &

Compliance Checklist

bs8102:2022 Cover MacLennan

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