Maclennan Alpaca Charity Gift

MacLennan gifts baby alpacas to charity

Maclennan Alpaca Charity Gift

The love for animals and charity work is something many staff here at MacLennan are so passionate about. We are thrilled to be given an opportunity to gift three of our newborn alpacas to a charity near Salisbury, Wiltshire.

One of MacLennan offices is located on a farm with many animals. Amongst them and the cutest of all – a flock of alpacas. When three new alpacas were born, they spent the first six months with their mothers here at the farm. Now they have been gifted to a charity Barefoot Barns in Firsdown near Salisbury in Wiltshire to be trained on becoming therapy animals. When specially trained - alpacas are fantastic therapy animals for children and adults with disabilities, adults with dementia, mental health difficulties, and adults and children in hospices. Barefoot Barns was created to provide these services.

We are delighted to report that our little girl Primrose and boys Pluto and Felix have safely arrived at their new home. We are so incredibly proud of the important work they will be doing and we will keep you updated with how they are getting on via our Alpaca Diary.

Photos by MacLennan and Aleyshia Millar

Alpaca flock MacLennan

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