MacLennan praised for health and safety

Health & Safety award

Recently, Knight Harwood contractors awarded MacLennan contractor of the month for Health and Safety.

I wanted to inform you that the Cross brothers won our award for April and received their reward yesterday.

This prize is given to the contractor that has met, or in this case surpassed our expectations with regards to Health & Safety on site and comes top in our Health & Safety league.

Thank you to all those at MacLennan for your ongoing support and attitude towards Health & safety.

– Alex Tarrant, Knight Harwood Ltd

MacLennan are extremely pleased with this acknowledgement and proud of our staff who buy into our company safety culture. It is also reciprocal as Knight Harwood have provided a safe working environment for our staff, as a result of their own very efficient and well policed safety regime and the general site standards.

Site safety has to be of paramount importance to all contractors and sub contractors, sadly this is often not the case and the working conditions that our guys are expected to work in can be unacceptable, and we do not accept them.

MacLennan are constantly training to improve our waterproofing specialist employees health and safety culture, A safe employee is normally a happy and more productive employee.

– Ian MacLennan

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